Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It’s a long road to Cancon

This will be a new project for this Blog outlining the design and painting of an army for Warmachine tournament run at the CanCon games convention.

What’s a Cancon?

Cancon is a game convention runs in Australia’s capital City “Canberra” organised by the Canberra Games Society, it’s been around for ever!

I’ve played at this convention on and off for the last 10 years, it great fun and really is the premier event on the Australian Games calendar – well worth a look.

Runs Friday 27th – Sunday 29th - This is the Australia Day weekend.

Why a long road?

Well it’s a very long drive from where we live “Beautiful Sunny Brisbane” to Canberra, 1213 km, 15 hour drive.

There are two events during the weekend for Warmachine/Hordes

25 Point Highlander – One day event

50 Point Steamroller – One Day event

So the challenge for me is to have 2 armies for both events ready for the Cancon tournaments.

Fully Painted and play tested

First choice for me was what to take to Cancon, I have a lot of Retibution of Scyrath painted, or maybe the Big Battle Box Bash Menoth army (two projects with one stone)

Or I can finally paint some Khador models I collected, this was my first warmachine faction and a great force for learning the game with.

Let make this really hard and take Khador :0)

25 point Highlander (Army One – still play testing)

Zevanna Agha, Old Witch of Khador


Juggernaut (Old Witch's battle group)
Spriggan (Old Witch's group)


10 Kayazy Assassins
1 Underboss attachment

I’m really enjoying the games played with Old Witch, the Spiggan is my favourite non character warjack for Khador (Cannot have character jacks in Highlander format)

Kayazy Assassins are silly with Iron Flesh and in combat with Def 19

This army is all about board control and at 25 points it does it very well.

For the 50 Point Steamroller event the first list will be

Kommander Orsus Zokktvir

Beast 09 (Irusk’s battle group)
Spriggin (Irusk’s battle group)
Man-o-War Drakhun with dismount
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Koldun Lord
Ogrun Bokur
Gorman Di Wulfe
Harlen Versh, Illuminated one
Kell Bailoch
Widowmaker Marksmen
Yuri the Axe

It's all about the feat, half the army is snipe to generate rage tokens the other half is weapon master Mat 8's to make the most of the rage tokens.

Ogrun Bokur and Gorman Di Wulfe are there to keep the big guy breathing long enough to get the feat off.

Painting started picture to come

Friday, 18 November 2011

Big Battle Box Bash - Update, Jacks are ready for battle

Might try to add flock tuffs to the bases like grass growing between the stones but this are basically done.

Time to paint the infantry and the Warcaster

Next is  High Exempler Kreoss, Min. sized Choir of Menoth, Vassal of Menoth

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

miniatures reviews: Plastic Battle Box Protectorate of Menoth

1. on the sprue/ out of the box/ out of the pack

The Protectorate of Menoth Battle Box includes High Exemplar Kreoss and 2 light warjacks Revenger, Repenter and also one heavy warjack the Crusader.

On the sprue, well technically they don't come on a spue as Privateer Press seal their plastic model parts in small plastic bags. Each Model and their options are included individually in a bag.

This make it very handy when it comes to assembling the models. Only opening the bag your working on stops parts going missing or the wrong parts being used on a model.

There are mold lines on the models, they are in my opinion quite easy to remove with a hobby knife, try not to cut yourself, my thumbs are like cutting boards from trimming mold lines.


2. Assembly


I do rate PP plastic for assembly, the tabs which join models are great. I think they put a lot of though into how the models are put together for example if there are two parts that look the same on you model they change the shape of the insertion tab and recess hole to match so left arm has a square tab and right arm has a rectangle tab.

The only problem I have is the lack of instructions.


3. Painting

Getting close to finishing my first light jack - still detail to be done. As you can see the model do take to paint nicely, there's more than enough detail on the models.

This is a very simple color scheme, Lots of metal because, well it made out of metal. and the red/brown and off white bone colors which offsets nicely.

I have used a lot of metallics on the model - I wanted the model to have the appearance of weight.


4. Final thoughts


Scoring the model (as this is the first time doing a review please note all scores are out of 10 and I add what criteria I'm using this time)

Quality / 7 - (Ease of assembling, damage, pinning, material used) in this case the models are very good but they are plastic so not as crisp looking as other materials

Value / 8 - You get a lot out of the battle box for the cost - AUS dollars $50ish to buy individually $85ish with some various extra bits for the heavy warjack.

Appearance / 6 - I not completely in love with the look, Menoth might grow on me in time. There is a bit of soft edge to the models and slight lack of detail, for plasic I think there fine.

Game / 8 - excellent starting point for a noob player wishing to get to grips with the game (I wish this didn't describe me) the box makes 11 points, 35 points is a normal army for tournaments.

Overall rating 7.25

I'd recommend this to any gamer, the game warmachine always attracted me with their models but it's the value for money with start up boxs that hooked me into the game.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Battle Box Bash - where to start?

Choosing a faction is the real starting point in any game system,

Warmachine has many great forums and various posts dealing with exactly this question.

Matching game style to player etc. is always a good idea, most my miniature collection has been built on “oh, nice shiny new mini – must buy that!” Not this time, I’m going to plan this army out from the start (Edit – No chance)

Protectorate of Menoth is a dedicated jack faction of Warmachine, and the one that encourages building on synergy like no other.

Protectorate warjacks seemingly embody the worse qualities of each faction's jacks. Slow as Khador jacks, fragile as Cygnar jacks, BUT the faction provides support units that can boost the abilities of its jacks.

Protectorate it is then.

So now I need an army, starting from the battle box.

High Exemplar Kreoss and two light warjacks, Revenger and Repenter.

Heavy Warjack Crusader - Cheep and very effective beat stick model for early games.

More to come

Big Battle Box Bash

Warmachine and Hordes
Battle Box Bash!
The B.B.B. is an escalation campaign using Warmachine and Hordes Battle Boxes as a starting point.
The rules are designed for a fun campaign rather than serious tournament style play.
Your army must use the official battle box (or equivalent) for your faction. A few unofficial battle boxes for Minions and Mercenary and Retribution have been created but not sold by PP and these can also be used. Please contact me if you unsure what is in you battle box force.
Because points for the various Battle Boxes can vary from 8 to 13 points in order to start from the same level please add models to your battle box to have a 15 point army.
Tier Lists are allowed
Any games can be played at LXG meetings throughout 2011 and 2012 though this is not compulsory, you can playe xtra games out of session if you like.
December – February 15 points (Must include your Battle Box)
March – May 25 points (Must include your Battle Box)
June – August 35 points (Must include your Battle Box) in this period we hope to run a 1 day tournament though CMIC (Cooinda Multiannual invitational Clash). This will be confirmed closer to the date.
September – November 50 points (Included Battle Box) may sub the Warcaster / Warlock from the battle box in this period we hope to run a 1 day tournament though LXG (League of Extraordinary Gamers)
By the end of November 2012 we should all have a painted 50 point army and possibly two 35 point lists suitable for tournament play.
1 point per game (Per person played) includes both inside and outside the campaign is
1 point for playing the game with a fully painted force (all games count)
1 point per win (all games count)
The goal of B.B.B. is to learn the in-and-outs of a new faction for WM and Hordes and paint some great models – finish the League with a great looking 50 point army or even two playable 35 point list armies and most important have fun playing games!