Thursday, 7 February 2013


Started playing Saga a month ago and now I'm totally hooked on the dark ages.

Here are my first fully painted Viking warriors

I've painted 16 plastic Viking Warriors, a mix of Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast miniatures. I bought both these miniature years ago to do a war of the ring army but never got around  to painting them.

The Saga rule gave me the perfect reason to get them out for game and paint some older miniatures.

The shields we done using little big men studios waterslides transfer which I cannot rate highly enough for look and ease of use.

I'll review the rules soon - much more to come

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Slow Grow update

More mercenary model completed this week for the slow grow

Sam MacHorne and the Devil Dogs - Great name, cool unit - little under played in our meta.

Stats could be better but they bring plenty of tools to the game

Jack Marshal - Drive Pronto

Stall on Sam's sword, her devil dogs have nets, slug guns and Pick axe with trash. Model falling over near this unit usually stay down for good.

One of the good options as a marshalled jack for Sam is the Buccaneer so I painted two!

3 points for light jack with a net that knocks you down? what's not to like. This guys are 1 point more than a Legion lesser warbeast and IMO go so well with the devil dogs.