Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bigger is Better!

Like many Mercenary player I couldn't wait to get a galleon on the table.

It's an amazing model, so much detail. Really is a great center piece for a Mercenary force

Dragging models into melee range and smacking down warjack and warbeast with the power 21 attacks give Merc's real options in games.

 This is one of the few times a model plays as good as it's rules - I have no complaints with the mercenary colossal, not sure my opponent agree :0)


Monday, 17 June 2013

Well, slight break but still going on the slow grow

apologizes for the lack of updates, combination of bad weather (Photos) sickness and just too plan lazy to update but this should start the ball rolling again.

How the slow grow going?

I think I've put the fast into slow grow, a tournament a month ago, two 50 point lists and all i had in mind to play were the mercenary so I put in a solid month of painting to get Ashylnn and MacBain both up to 50 points.

MacBain really loves using his feat to make Boomhowlers the tar pit to end all tar pits (Good in theory no wins for Macbain)

On the other hand Ashylnn got these Vanguard going off for 2 out 2 wins!!

But I think the gun mages were more to do with Ashylnn's success.

Here are all the painted Mercs to date.

More to come soon.