Thursday, 30 January 2014

Is there a Boss?

Link to the tournament from the Wargamerau Forums

and just to prove I still paint and dont just get my more tallented mates to do it all here are a few Circle Orboros Casters I finished for the event.

Really happy with how they came out, much more to do..

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Who is the Boss?

With a who's the boss tournament coming up for our club in Feburary we (and I mean Aris!) have been very busy trying to get the caster ready for the event.

Here are a few creepy, swamp minion casters

Rask, who doesn't want a bog trog caster leading their Cygnar troops. Aris went in very colorful direction, I love it, Just a few touch up to the weapons and a swampy base and he is done.

And Barney, Wonderful model have no idea how he sees anything under the hood but still brilliant job from Aris. 

Return from Cancon 2014

Wow just back from CanCon! what a great event.

I'm going to cover my army I played in Iron Gauntlet in later updates but I needed to share a bit of painting but Jay and Aris did for me during the painting with Meg.

Not bad for a very limited palate of paints and short time

Jarl was painted by Aris, the detail in the model is amazing, in typical Aris fashion he is not happy and feels the need to finish off the model!?! If only I could half finish a model that looks this good.

Jay did this Epic Madrak, the boys didn't have metal paint so Jay just rolled with it and did a Non Metalic Metal job on this model, My photo in the hotel room does it no credit but this is a super sweet model, Well done Jay.

Both Models will be used for the Who's the boss tournament my club is running next month - Hope I get to play em.