Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Battle Box Bash - where to start?

Choosing a faction is the real starting point in any game system,

Warmachine has many great forums and various posts dealing with exactly this question.

Matching game style to player etc. is always a good idea, most my miniature collection has been built on “oh, nice shiny new mini – must buy that!” Not this time, I’m going to plan this army out from the start (Edit – No chance)

Protectorate of Menoth is a dedicated jack faction of Warmachine, and the one that encourages building on synergy like no other.

Protectorate warjacks seemingly embody the worse qualities of each faction's jacks. Slow as Khador jacks, fragile as Cygnar jacks, BUT the faction provides support units that can boost the abilities of its jacks.

Protectorate it is then.

So now I need an army, starting from the battle box.

High Exemplar Kreoss and two light warjacks, Revenger and Repenter.

Heavy Warjack Crusader - Cheep and very effective beat stick model for early games.

More to come

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