Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It’s a long road to Cancon

This will be a new project for this Blog outlining the design and painting of an army for Warmachine tournament run at the CanCon games convention.

What’s a Cancon?

Cancon is a game convention runs in Australia’s capital City “Canberra” organised by the Canberra Games Society, it’s been around for ever!

I’ve played at this convention on and off for the last 10 years, it great fun and really is the premier event on the Australian Games calendar – well worth a look.

Runs Friday 27th – Sunday 29th - This is the Australia Day weekend.

Why a long road?

Well it’s a very long drive from where we live “Beautiful Sunny Brisbane” to Canberra, 1213 km, 15 hour drive.

There are two events during the weekend for Warmachine/Hordes

25 Point Highlander – One day event

50 Point Steamroller – One Day event

So the challenge for me is to have 2 armies for both events ready for the Cancon tournaments.

Fully Painted and play tested

First choice for me was what to take to Cancon, I have a lot of Retibution of Scyrath painted, or maybe the Big Battle Box Bash Menoth army (two projects with one stone)

Or I can finally paint some Khador models I collected, this was my first warmachine faction and a great force for learning the game with.

Let make this really hard and take Khador :0)

25 point Highlander (Army One – still play testing)

Zevanna Agha, Old Witch of Khador


Juggernaut (Old Witch's battle group)
Spriggan (Old Witch's group)


10 Kayazy Assassins
1 Underboss attachment

I’m really enjoying the games played with Old Witch, the Spiggan is my favourite non character warjack for Khador (Cannot have character jacks in Highlander format)

Kayazy Assassins are silly with Iron Flesh and in combat with Def 19

This army is all about board control and at 25 points it does it very well.

For the 50 Point Steamroller event the first list will be

Kommander Orsus Zokktvir

Beast 09 (Irusk’s battle group)
Spriggin (Irusk’s battle group)
Man-o-War Drakhun with dismount
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Koldun Lord
Ogrun Bokur
Gorman Di Wulfe
Harlen Versh, Illuminated one
Kell Bailoch
Widowmaker Marksmen
Yuri the Axe

It's all about the feat, half the army is snipe to generate rage tokens the other half is weapon master Mat 8's to make the most of the rage tokens.

Ogrun Bokur and Gorman Di Wulfe are there to keep the big guy breathing long enough to get the feat off.

Painting started picture to come

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