Saturday, 4 August 2012

Khador Review Part 3

More khador finished, getting very close to finishing this painting projects, Played quite a few games this weekend and used a few new models here is the run down

One of the new caster I'm Trying is Prime Kommandant Irusk - The old man of Khador!

Irusk is all about the infantry, it's what he does and supporting Khador's already excellent infantry making them almost unstoppable. 


Airbust - nice little damage spell for those solo's that like to hide - (situational)
Battlelust - can be cast on multiple targets giving them an additional damage die - (bread and butter spell)
Grind - Nuke spell with slight bonus of damaging movement box on enemy jack - (situational)
Inhospitable ground - creates a bubble 14" around the cast of rough terrain -  (situational)
Iron Flesh - again one of the best spells for a Khador caster, +3 def and -1 moving too unit - (bread and butter spell)
Superiority - Very nice upkeep for Warjack gies +2 Mat, Def and Movement - (Excellent bonus spell)

Feat - Undying Loyality

It's twofold, one all friendly warrior models/unit get - Tough, Fearless, +2 to hit and cannot be knock-down, want more? okay how about all those models within control range get tough on a 4+

Nothing for warjacks in the feat which seems a shame :0)

I rate Irusk as one of the best Caster available for Khador but he is a tad predictable in play and can lead to sameness in tactics, he doesn't do the job himself but is the master of getting the most out of his troops.

One of the many troops Irusk can get the most out of are Ironfang Pikemen

Ironfang's represent the other side of Khador - Military tradition of combat and tough men taking on giant warjacks with pointy sticks and axes! The great bears are one of the most feared units but these Pikemen aren't far off. 

They feel like heavy infantry with shield wall but it's their speed that makes them excellent choice, with a mini - Feat which allows them the move and take up shield wall after completing their activation.
They make a dangerous jamming unit for Khador, perfect for defending your lines or taking it the enemy.

Also they have combined attacks and high powered reach weapons with critical knockdown, a full unit with UA is quite reasonably costed and Ironfang Pikes get plenty of table top time in casual play and tournaments.

I rate these guys as good choice right up there with Kayazy  Assassins for Khador player's.

More to come

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