Wednesday, 28 December 2011

It’s a Long Road to Cancon

New Pictures of the army - all is going well with the army 3 weeks to go.


50 Point Steamroller Caster Orsus Zoktavir (Epic Butcher)

Beast 09 (Older model with plenty of character)

Great Bears of Gallowswood

They just don't look like they belong in the a team punk setting but considering the Khador story they fit in just perfect to the list - Hit like little Mack trucks! too.

Drakhun with Dismount - I love this model (the mounted) It just sums up what Khador is all about IMO were bigger and covered in more metal than any model really has any right to be!


  1. Those models look great, especially the Ogre. Also your photography has massively improved and is now showing your models off in their best light.

  2. Its slowly geting there, the project and the photography.

    I've just joined a tale of Painting diary on the PP forums and will be painting Circle of Orboros all flesh tones and fur.