Friday, 31 March 2017

Best Enemies!

So I've been bitten by the Games Workshop bug, and finally started to paint all those board game miniatures.

Starting with Space Hulk

My First Blood Angels Terminator Squad

Considering these are over 8 year old and push together miniatures they have fantastic details, very sharp edge plastic models. 

But what's the point is you have nothing to kill!

Genestealers, this group come from two different box sets from Games Workshop, Space Hulk as per the terminators and a new boxed game "Lost Patrol" released in 2016, sadly no longer available.

But Deathwatch Overkill offer something new for the old Terminator vs Genestealer match up.

Genestealer Hybid Warriors

I love these models, new, deadly and far more interesting to paint than the typical Genestealers. I don't expect much from the auto pistols but they still have rending claws.

More to come from these boxed sets soon..

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