Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Slow Grow 2013 update

It's Jan 2013 and  I need a painted 15 point army for the slow grow league

First Army

Ashlynn D'Elyse +6 Warjack Points

In her battle group a Mule heavy War Jack - 8 points (-6 from Ashylnn)

Unit of Tempest Gun Mages with UA Officer - 8 points

UA Officer is Jack Marshalling a Vanguard - 5 points

So this is my opening 15 points for the slow grow, the force seems a little small but at 15 points could set some interesting questions for my opponents, the mages and vanguard can advance and try to control table they don't tar pit but they can destroy an opponents tar pit units even hard to hit stealth units need to be wary.

What I'm hoping to gain from playing this force is a better understanding of the Jack Marshall  ability which is very important in the finial 50 point tiered force which has 4 Marshalled Jack in it.

As a reward for getting my first 15 points painted I painted

For no other reason but how cool is it to have an undead horse riding girl with a big magic sword to Kill your opponents caster! 

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