Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Slow Grow 2013 Update -- Well sort of

I've still been painting up a storm but it has been hot here for the last week or so and seeing your paint evaporate from pallet to miniature hasn't helped finish of any new models

So here are few I did earlier

Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters

Croe's Cutthroats

I painted both these unit to make interesting and effective reinforcements at 50 points, also it was a start of my Merc's as an all army approach rather than just add on's for Khador and Retribution armies.

Both units have the trencher bases and use yellow as a focus colour.

So from my vast experiences of playing both these units (2 games each :0) here are some of the highlights

Both units max out at ten models and both work the high defence low armour angle for the Cutthroats they have stealth and the Nyss relies on Def 15 (Not bad)

Both units are range and combat units, Nyss have a Nyss bow it has okay range, lower end pow but makes up for this with weapon master swords and the ability to combined shoot like a death star!
Croe's lads have crossbow with shorter range and the same POW and a weaker "Murder Weapons" but all their stuff is poisoned adding damage to living models (DAMN YOU CRYX!)

Both units love rough terrain, Bushwhack order can make the cutthroats difficult to catch but the Nyss ability to see through forests, concealment and cover make them even deadlier!

Not to let the Nyss win the exchange completely but Croe himself isn't an officer and cannot be removed from the unit allowing the Cutthroats retain his special order and stats throughout the game, Cylena on the other hand should be target No. 1 !
I think both units are fairly even, but you'll likely see the Nyss at tournaments and the Cutthroats not some much, I know the Khador players love using Nyss as they fill quite a few gaps in their infantry.

I love both units - they add character to the army, and have just the right amount of  shenanigans to make your opponent fear them.

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