Sunday, 23 December 2012

Starting the slow grow

So I know what army I'm after and I've got an idea of the colour scheme in mind for the Mercs

But like most warmachine project my starting point is basing - Merc miniatures add a new dimension to a project like this by being so varied in look.

Character units, Cygnar models, Jacks from many different design schools (Llael and privateers and scrapyards)

So the bases give me an out for army coherencies, colour choice ar the only other option but consider the fact some infantry has no armour to link to the Jacks armour

So Base (Looking for a messy world war 1 trench type base)

Starting with covering the tabs on the bases with sticky tape

Using millaput to fill the recesses and adding cut up pop-icicle sticks as trench boards 

Add fine sand and rock mix

This is also a good time to use all those spare bits and pieces - I like razor wire too.

This is what the final base looks like


All there missing now is painted models to stand on them!

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