Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Starting the slow grow Models on the bases

So I finished my first 3 war-jacks, 2 vanguards and 1 mule

Mule is a powerhouse of the faction - Steam Cannon can really disrupt enemy formations

Vanguard, fast, good armour, gun shield with assault (this is the merc's best all-rounder)

I wanted my jacks to look like they been through the wars! the mustard yellow is ugly, and that's why I love it on the jacks, I'm imagine Dirty Meg had tons of the mustard paint back in the shop and did a good deal on the paint job :)


  1. These look like the same color as the council dump trucks. Nice work Aido cant wait to smash these guys.

  2. Council Dump Trucks! all I can think of is taking out the trash 2013 :)