Saturday, 1 December 2012

Painting 3 50 point armies in 2 months or how I finally finished my Battle Box Big Bash....

I'm going to a tournament next weekend which requires 3 50 point armies painted, no problems I've just about finished the Khador and have 3 armies ready to go but ..

I over Khador right now and after play a few Menoth games I've started to revisit my original battle box league force..

Khador battle box does not get my vote as a fun starting point, Jack's are disappointing and require a choir just to function on the same footing as the other forces and I felt my extra points leading to 15 points were only added to effectiveness of sub par Warjack.

Do I like Menoth? Hell yes it's just the Crusader is such a bad beat stick and menoth has far better options IMO

So all I have painted is Kreoss, Crusader, Repenter and Revenger and a max Choir and 1 Vassal.

Army lst 1

Kreoss (Cool using one painted model)

2 Reckoner's
Revenger (Model painted)

Min Choir (Painted)
5 Exemplar Bastions
10 Exemplar Errants with UA
The Convenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

This is an okay list and out of 30 models I have 6 painted

Army list 2


Blessing of Vengeance
2 Reckoners

Min Choir
10 Exemplar Errants with UA
2 Vassal Mechanik
Vessel of Judgement
Visgoth Rhoven & Honor Guard

Much more aggressive list , Again 30 models which 4 models have been painted and 18 models are repeated from list 1

Army list 3 (and my favourite option)


Blood of Martyrs
2 Reckoner (Yes I like them that much)

Min Choir (again!)
Daughters of the flame
Daughters of the flame
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
10 Exemplar Errants with UA (3 from 3)
Vassal of Menoth

for all 3 list I'm using a Vanquisher and Vassal as the 10 point reinforcements

I'm happy with the paint job but it was a very fast and dirty paint job.

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