Monday, 3 December 2012

Menoth Army 1

I wanted to share more details on the armies I'm playing this weekend

The battle Group, compared to khador this is a large battle group -Kreoss can support more than 1 jack unlike most Khador Casters, also the thing to remember is I don't have to fully power all the jacks each turn - Vassals and Choir take up the slack.

Prime Kreoss

Like many players starting Menoth Kreoss was my first caster and to be honest I never really understood how to work him in the early battle box intro games - his feat/rules seemed meh to me!

But this was my misunderstanding of him not the rules for Kreoss, with a better understanding of the game to me he is a great toolbox caster, strong feat (Game winning at times) great list of spells and good focus stack

Defenders Ward - is one of the best buff spells in the game +2 to armour and defence for one model or unit.

Purification - is one of the best debuffs in the game, Iron flesh Kazay getting you down? Remove it with this spell!

Lamentation - can just ruin some armies, paying double for upkeeps and double for spells can destroy plans of opponents
Add the normal shooty nukes for menoth and you have a good all-round caster his only let down is the sub-par old man stats which make him a target for assassination attempts.

On to his battle Group which includes


Helps protecting Kreoss from the assassination attempt, with the fix for shield guard in the game expect to see more of these jack in menoth armies.

2 Reckoners

I cannot fault these jacks, for 8 point their is IMO no better Jack in the game - great shooting backed up with excellent hitting power under the choice with a few focus you can get amazing result with these guys.

I have two in this army because I find they generally become target number one in most games taking out one jack isn't difficult for most forces but two is a different matter.


The only other survivor of my battle box - good for the arc node but I think I could of spent the 6 points more wisely - will see this weekend.


Just to provide a bit of help to Kreoss making spell casting easier and freeing up focus for the jacks.

Min Choir

Never leave home with out - makes our okay jacks better!

5 Exemplar Bastions

Interesting unit, provide some beef to the army, can take some punishment.

10 Exemplar Errants with UA

Real work horse of this army and hard to fault - provide numbers, shooting and a great target for defender ward early game.


Just to add tough or pathfinder - should work okay with the Errants

The Convenant of Menoth

Nothing worst than an army that can knock you down but not be knocked down in return

Vassal of Menoth

Added for the Jacks

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