Friday, 23 November 2012



Black Ivan

After the battle box I started to look more closely at Khador warjack options:

- Spriggan's have it all, ability to help the rest of you force with target flares, added threat of having reach, the lance is high power and get a +2 to hit on the charge, armour 21 is nice too.

- Character jacks are great, simply if you have a character jack it will out preform the non character jack almost every time (not counting the Spriggan) but their are limits for example I'll only play Drago in a Vlad list because of their affinity but Beast 09 and Black Ivan work really well for anyone.

If you only take one Warjack make it the biggest Warjack



Conquest is so big I need a new back ground to take photos! I'll tell you how these guys go after the Brismachine Tournament, Conquest is helping out PVlad and Behemoth is working for the old witch in the 35 point event.

Cheers Ado - better pics I hope.

New Project Started - back to the battle box Menoth

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