Saturday, 6 October 2012


Brismachine  Tournament, 2 days, 3 events Warmachine event.

Day one 50 points Standard SR2012 Brismachine Cup

Same day night event for non finalist 20 Point Metal/Tooth and Claw with 3 minute turns.

Day two 35 points Standard SR2012

I plan to play both the 50 point and 35 point event and considering my mediocre skills I’ll write a 20 point list too.

For the first 50 point list (50 points is typical of our Meta) I've had 6 games testing this out .

Kommander Strakhov

Battle Group – Spriggan, Spriggan and wardog.

Gun Carriage
Gun Carriage
Kayazy Elimnators
Kayazy Elimnators
Man-O-War Drakhun (No dismount)
Gorman Di Wulf

Style of play, assassination and freaky threat range! I use Zulu bull horn tactic using the caster and spriggan’s center with counter charging Drakhun and wardog support with the Gun Carriages and Elimnators and Fenris running the flanks.

Strakhov feat really supports the flanks being able to charge into the centre and provide huge beats to opponent’s casters and troops.

New players never seem to see the spriggan’s threat range potential with Overrun and Superiority up to 21” charge on feat turn.

The second list is almost painted - more to follow

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