Saturday, 30 June 2012

Khador a review

Finished more Khador miniatures for a mini event thought I might review the playability of these models.

First Epic Vladimir, the Dark Champion (AKA Rock Star!) He can make all the ladies hearts melt even the cold icy Khadorian girls!

Oversized Shoulder pads? - Check!
Silly rock star good looks? - Check!
Big pointy boots? - Check!
Excellent rules and spells? - Check! and doubled checked!

While not really a jack marshal type caster although "Assail" does help, what he does is support infantry and he does it really well.

Hand of fate -adds dice for hit and damage discarding the lowest, works very well on shooting and combat unit and units with crits abilities it can be devastating.

Transference allows warrior models to use focus on Vlad to boost hit or damage! it's silly what a unit of bombardiers can do with these extra dice or certain Kayazy ladies. Hmmm. assassination!

Feat "Blood Legacy" changes the stats of D3+3 models (non-character) Having Kayazy eliminators under this feat is game ending at time with crazy assassination alpha strikes! or the MoW Bombardiers
turn into chainsaw wielding wreckers.

Drago - Vlads Pet warjack

Not a favourite in the Khador community but very focus efficient allowing Vlad to spend his focus on infantry, some players will ignore this jack in favour of killing the more dangerous infantry this can be a bad mistake as Drago in combat can be very scary but if an opponent does focus on removing this jack this tend to allow the infantry a free ride. Win / Win for me.
Drago only sets my army back 3 points - using Vlads jack allocation point so no real harm.

More to come.. Ado

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