Monday, 30 April 2012

Iron Kingdoms Heavy Myrmidon’s Championship
(House Shyeel verses House Vyre)
Retribution finally has two heavy character Myrmidon’s(warjacks) Discordia and Hypnos, fresh from Wrath, are they any good? Well to find out let compare the two Myrmidon’s and sees what they offer to Retribution armies.

Discordia from house Shyeel AKA Disco!
Disco shares all the characteristics of a heavy Myrmidon for house Shyeel such as has field damage and field dependent rules, Shields are additional damage before the damage grid is marked and field dependent relates to marked system “G” for generator if this is crippled various parts of the Myrmidon abilities can be lost.
Disco has 22 damage boxes + 10 additional boxes from the shield.
Armour is a couple less than the standard Khador Jack – not so good.
Where this Myrmidon starts to look better is the stats and the fact all heavies are multi-purpose built, Shooting and combat and Disco is even better than the normal heavy, good for Retribution MAT if you rolled average on 2 dice you can hit the DEF 14 models, nice.
RAT is one less which work very well with Discos armaments.
Speed 6 is a real standout for house Shyeel Myrmidons and DEF 2 better than a Khadors Jacks is workable.
What’s Disco pack weapon wise?
Two open fist P+S 16’s excellent for power attacks and not too shabby for hitting stuff, also Disco has the longest ranged and powered spay I’ve seen on a model and this is brilliant for two reasons, one stealth which we traditionally struggle with and the other for potential assassination runs it also has the bonus of being magical.
If the above wasn’t enough Disco has an Imprint: Kinetic shield special rule for the cost of one focus Disco and friendly models within 3” get +2 ARM against ranged attacks and don’t suffer blasty attacks!

Hypnos from house Vyre AKA the new Kid on the Block!
Hypnos is a new type of Myrmidon from house Vyre and doesn’t have field damage and field dependent rules it’s built much the same as a human built war jack. Is this a disadvantage? Not sure yet, but they are tougher.
Hypnos has 32 damage boxes, the same as a Shyeel Myrmidon including the field.
Armour is one pip better than a Shyeel Myrmidon.
Hypnos shares all the same characteristics of Disco with one exception and that’s Speed, it’s one pip slower.
What’s Hypnos pack weapon wise?
Two Pulse fists  P+S 16 on the heavy and P+S 14 on the light, this is a characteristic (light and heavy weapons) which House Vyre Myrmidons all share and also has them describe as crabs by some players. These fists are not open fist so no cool power attacks but on the upside they do make you stationary on a hit and this is amazing and leads to many options for example easier to hit on following attacks and not in combat for further shooting attacks.
Hypnos has a mid-ranged small AOE high powered gun it’s okay on its own but has a special rule affinity with Ossayan which makes this one of the best guns on a Retribution Myrmidon “Void Lock” if directly hit it causes disruption for a jack but better still war beasts cannot be forced for one turn.
If the above wasn’t enough Hypnos has Arcnode special rule, this makes 2 heavies in our force with this and also has sacred ward “cannot be targeted by enemy spells, nice.

So how do Discordia and Hypnos compare? They’re both excellent additions to Retribution, Hypnos control and arcnode can be used really well but to get the most out of this Myrmidon you need to run him with Ossayan and this is a limit.
 Would Hypnos be taken instead of a Phoenix? Retributions other heavy arcnode, I’d say no not unless I had 9 points instead of 10 but even then It’s not and auto include for me, If I’m playing Ossayan Hypnos is in (Auto include!)
Discordia on the other hand has benefits for all casters, adding armour with imprint is great for all troop types and the stealth removal spay can hardly be matched within Retribution.
Discordia will always see table time with me, Stream Roller character restriction make deciding which force Disco’s in the hardest choice.

Well that’s my take on it, I’d suggest give them both a go!

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