Friday, 27 April 2012

Immoren’s Deadliest Warriors!

Immoren’s Deadliest Warriors!

New project for me and our club (Kooinda Klub) is Immoren’s Deadliest Warriors!

We will be matching Units/solos/jacks/beasts from various Warmachine and Hordes
factions and scoring and ranking these warriors.

We will attempt to match combatants by similar game roles and composition e.g. Cygnar Trenchers verses Khador Winterguard, unit will be max size and have Weapon/unit attachments where possible but there will be no caster/warlock spells or other benefits that they cannot generate themselves.

Warjacks will have max focus each round and Warbeast will not have to worry about fury management or threshold test.

The matches will have three elements to them

1) Tales of the Tape – details of the combatants. Including images of our models.

2) The Deathmatch! – 10 Fights between the combatants on a minimum terrain 2 by 2 foot table.

3) Match review – this is where we will score our contestants on the following areas:

Defence – basic survivability not purely on this match up but against all possible opposition.

Offence – what can they do and how well they put their opposition down.

Table top presence – Their threat on the table, combining range and fear they generate.


A (top choice for faction – almost an auto include in tournament lists to be competitive – few weak match ups if any)

B (Strong choice for faction – Can be included in Tournament lists – a few possible bad match ups)

C (Average choice – meets requirement for inclusion, can be hit and miss in tournament play)

D (Below average – has match ups which are not idea (inclusion for looks or fluff)

F (Crappy – or more likely we just couldn’t figure out how to use this unit, solo, jack yet – please help us!)

Last is fun factor or X factor and it’s a yes or no

All club members present during the test get a vote on all the above, majority rules for scoring.

I’m hoping to have a ladder to record the score for the models. This should be fun but keep in mind this will be based on our limited experience and is more of an opportunity for us to get together and have fun playing some games and thinking about options we play.

We will be using models we own and play so we will be covering

Menoth, Khador, Mercs, Cryx, Cygnar, Retribution, Circle, Legion, Skorne, Trollbloods at this stage.

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