Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review Terraclips Sewers of Malifaux

From my trip to cancon I got a chance to see Malifaux played on table terrained with Terraclips Streets, House and Sewers of Malifaux terrain and was amazed by how good card terrrain looked and how much fun it look like to play on.

I got a set of Sewers and Houses here is my first attempt at the sewers.

Scoring the Terrain (as this is one of my first terrain reviews, please note all scores are out of 10 and I'll add what criteria I'm using this time) 

Quality / 8 - (Ease of assembling and use) Terrain is easy to put together, strong, hard wearing will take some time to master the assembly.

Value / 8 - You get a lot out of one box for the cost - AUS dollars $55ish and $18 for the clips.You do need both and you need to be a little frugal with the clips to get value or the second box of clips might be needed.

Malifaux is played on a 3 foot by 3 foot table and I found the box of sewers made a really nice 2.5 by 2 feet section so some buildings should finish off this project.

Appearance / 9 - Brilliant! just Brilliant.

Game / 8 - Cannot wait to test it out but its really functional, doors can be open and closed, models can stand on the stairs, weight isn't an issue at all.

Overall rating 8.25 I highly recommend these products

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